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UWC Africa Week 2017, which will run from Wednesday 19th July – Tuesday 25th July, is a student driven event. It hopes to ignite debate on perspectives about Africa with a view to complicate and contextualise Africa’s various understandings. It is a platform for participants to explore African societies and examine the salient issues impacting Africa, Africans and the African Diaspora.


UWC Waterford Kamhlaba, Swaziland


Wednesday 19th July – Tuesday 25th July

UWC Africa Week 2017

The word ‘Africa’ is shorthand for where our homes are placed - where our neighbours and our neighbours’ neighbours live.

It is a shorthand for trajectories of time – back into which  our histories stretch and our 55   countries disappear; where our thousands of present languages languages are spoken in earlier forms. ‘Africa’ includes the sharp and faint memory of where we walked some 30 000 years ago, and drew the earliest forms of permanent human art, invented religion, society, technology and human-beingness itself. Africa, as times and places, is where we continue to do this, even when newly loud voices say that is not or has never been the case. These voices, rising in the 19th century ‘Scramble for Africa’, fabricated a single and negative story about ‘Africa’ that echoes even in our time: Darkness, Failure, Inferiority, Stasis, Ignorance, Chaos, Hopelessness, Unhomeliness.

The Theme - Unscrambling Africa

Unscrambling Africa broadcasts our stories of our African worlds to the global state. Unscrambling Africa shows what the ‘Scrambling’ narrative hides.

‘Unscrambling’ builds and resists against what the ‘Scramble for Africa’ destroyed and created for domination. This week reminds and showcases examples of continued African excellence: innovations in technology, economy, education, law and achievements in politics. All these alongside the negative events are used to support the colonial and pessimistic narrative of the dark or the hopeless continent. We recognize our challenges, real and at times dire, in their own nuanced contexts. We think about them and honour those who act to address them in thought, advocacy, and action. Unscrambling calls on us – communities, students, leaders, for intelligent and moral leadership – in small to the largest of scales.

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Our schedule of Events
  • Day 1

    Wednesday, July 19th

  • 7:50
    The opening Assembly will feature speeches and a variety of student performances. Speech by H.E Rachel Odede
    Michael Stern Hall

  • 09:10
    Topic: Unscrambling Perspectives on African Feminism – Defying the Cultural Narrative Feminist movements have made great strides in drawing attention to gender-based inequality in Africa. However, the existence of hierarchies in societies dominated by patriarchal values, means a change od mind set is still required. This panel forum will deconstruct the articulations of the concept of contemporary African feminism and its social implications. The dialogue will examine the diversity of expressions, tensions and contradictions about African feminism in shaping Africa in the context of gender parity, social justice, political thought, African History and cultural relativism.
    Michael Stern Hall

  • 17:45
    The Waterford Kamhlaba Slam Poetry Club will showcase the talent of college’s budding poets. The slam poetry evening will feature Africa themed performance poetry aimed at inspiring and stimulating creativity within the college. It promises to leave you both inspired and entertained. From the spoken word to conceptual poetry, Slam Poetry at Waterford Kamhlaba is a platform for artistic expression comprised of soothing words, natural rhythms and revolutionary topics.
    Community Service Room

  • Day 2

    Thursday 20th

  • 16:10
    Topic: The Role of Education in the Unscrambling of Africa
    Lecture lab

  • 16:15
    In-focus is a weekly student-led current Affairs discussion Forum. During this year’s UWC Africa week the focus is on the Great Lakes region of Africa, a region with rich and diverse freshwater ecosystems. However, this region with a population of over 100 million people has experienced recurrent armed conflict: genocide in Rwanda, civil war in Burundi and cross-border conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These have claimed millions of lives, caused large population displacements and led to serious humanitarian crises in the region. This workshop will provide an overview of the root causes of conflict in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. It will examine the complex dynamics of the conflicts and the challenges of regional peace-building.

  • Day 3

    Friday, July 21st

  • 19:00
    (Swaziland, Waterford Kamhlaba UWC 1980-1984, UWC Adriatic College 1985-1988), CEO, Sanlam Investment Management , Swaziland
    Annual Visual Arts Exhibition
    Sheila and Richard Attenborough Fine Arts Centre

  • Day 4

    Saturday, July 22nd

  • 14:00
    “Performance is an integral part of UWC life – it is an important way for students to learn about and understand different cultures as well as exploring different ways to express themselves creatively. Performance aims to show¬case UWC’s cultural diversity and fundamental values of intercultural understanding, tolerance and respect.” The Music Concert will showcase the many and varied talents of Waterford Kamhlaba UWC students. The Music Concert celebrates musical traditions, composers and cultures. The concert will feature school ensembles, including the Waterford Kamhlaba UWC Choir, class performances, marimbas performed students of the Waterford Kamhlaba School community and other performances. This Music Concert will feature Swazi Soul Artiste and Waterford Kamhlaba UWC Alumna Velemseni Ndzimandze. The concert is free and open to the general public.
    Michael Stern Hall

  • 16:00
    Topic: Defragmenting Africa – Looking to the Past to Understand the Present and Shape the Future The optimism about Africa’s economic growth since the start of the millennium showed that the continent has the potential to become a leading global economic force of the 21st Century. However, the current slump in its growth trajectory against the backdrop of increasing socio-political vola¬tility, humanitarian crises and other pan-African challenges, points to mixed fortunes ahead. This panel forum will focus on the new opportunities that lie ahead for a dynamic Africa, as well as the challenges involved in navigating a changing and complex global landscape.
    Michael Stern Hall

  • Day 5

    Sunday, 23rd July

  • Day 6

    Tuesday July 25th

  • Day 7

    25th July

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